WS on the use of Structural Funds for the construction of distributed e-Infrastructures supporting environmental initiatives

The main aim of the Workshop is making a point on the current interests of the different regional stakeholders in the development of Research Infrastructures, in their 3S strategy for the 2014-2020 programming period; and coordinating the inter-regional cooperation strategies dealing with ENVironmental initiatives, focusing on the case study of LifeWatch European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), in order to emphasize the synergic actions for the "in kind" construction, develop joint actions using different programming opportunities, such as 3S to INTERREG, to LIFE+ and others: complementarities with H2020 actions.

Hungarian efforst will be represented by Katalin Török in the "LifeWatch distributed facilities case studies" session.

Although the overall objectives of the Workshop are explained in the linked web page, the main aim will be the discussion on the identification of common challenges ("synergies") to financing shared e-Infrastructures requirements through Structural Funds and H2020 calls, to support the on-going construction of the LifeWatch distributed e-Infrastructure based on the recent LifeWatch Lecce and Granada operational meetings.