The National Plan of LifeWatch Hungary

Recognizing that protection of biological diversity is not only a goal of nature conservation but also is a basis of the life supporting ecosystem services for society, the Ministry of Rural Development aided and supported the development of a national LifeWatch plan.

Being able to join in the building of the European Scientific Research Area is important to Hungary. For this reason, the Center for Ecological Research of the HAS (formerly the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) has intensively participated in the preparation of LifeWatch Hungary since 2008, and now takes part in the construction process. We surveyed the demands and options in the country through organizing several events and coordinating the ’NEKIFUT’ Biodiversity Strategic Research Infrastructure development. We have prepared the National Plan of LifeWatch Hungary, that has been presented to the representatives of the Ministries of Rural Development and National Economy.

The results of a joint effort of many professionals, which was born out of wide ranging consultations and technical debates to coordinate the interests and visions of the most significant institutions studying and monitoring biodiversity, and thus may be called rightly the National Plan of LifeWatch of Hungary. It is our common interest to realise this plan, which will require additional efforts and efficient cooperation.